Gracious Hospitality

The Crooked Road is Southern, so it’s hospitable. That doesn’t mean that outsiders are welcome as family, but it does mean that they’ll be made to feel at home while they’re there. The Road runs thick with a creative and productive tension between insiders and outsiders, and it takes more than living there for a decade or so to be considered an insider. Indeed, according to a story one seventh generation Floyd county resident told us of an old-timers thoughts concerning second generation residents, “just because a momma cat crawls up inside a stove to give birth don’t make the kittens biscuits.”

To be alive means change, and the culture along the road is alive. The shifts in music between Old Time, Bluegrass, Country, Blues and other styles that are played in venues along the Crooked Road bear witness to that vitality.

Creative tension can be rough around the edges sometimes, and that’s where the culture of hospitality smooths out the edges. That tension, as expressed in and through the music, is one of the narrative threads we’re exploring, and that hospitality is the reason we’ve been able to film so many rich stories thus far.

We thank everyone who has opened up their doors to us and made us feel at home along the Road, and we are especially grateful to the good folks at the Hotel Floyd. Who knew that Floyd had a certified green boutique hotel right in the middle of town? Well, they do, and it is an outstanding place to stay. It was our home base for the week, and we hope to make it so again soon.

Our home last week.

Our home last week.


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